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LOIM targets firms that reduce, avoid and capture carbon

As it rolls out climate strategy ‘informed’ by the EU taxonomy and sustainable finance action plan


Kirsten Hastings

Lombard Odier Investment Managers is looking to capture opportunities across all sectors, created by the urgent need to transition to a net-zero economy and adapt to a warmer climate.

Its climate strategy invests in solutions providers, transition candidates from hard-to-abate sectors and ‘adaptation leaders’ via its high-conviction global equity portfolio of 40-50 stocks.

LOIM said its approach is inspired by the latest recommendations across science, industry and policy, and is informed by developments under the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan through the emergent EU Taxonomy and Climate Benchmarks.

Investors will be provided with a sustainability report to show the positive climate impact that investment in the various companies bring to society and the planet.


The climate transition strategy is run by portfolio managers Paul Udall and Francois Meunier, who work within LOIM’s global equities team.

Udall has been managing sustainable investment strategies, with a particular emphasis on climate change, for 18 years.

Meunier is described as a ‘leading expert’ in digitalisation and technological innovation with more than 19years’ industry experience.

Hubert Keller, managing partner of Lombard Odier Group and chief executive of LOIM, said: “We are in the midst of a massive wholesale transformation towards a sustainable net-zero economy.

“Investors have trillions at stake in this climate transition, which we believe will create significant value and fundamentally shape portfolio outcomes in the years to come.

“LOIM’s Climate Transition strategy has been designed as a mainstream global building block for asset allocation.

“It represents one of several important steps we are taking across the firm to align all portfolios and capture the investment opportunities arising from climate transition.”