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Philipp Dirkx

  • Fund Favourites – Philipp Dirkx

    For the second edition of our new series ‘Fund Favourites‘, Philipp Dirkx, portfolio manager at Frankfurt-based BHF-BANK, reveals why he invests in the Jupiter Dynamic Bond Fund, even though he generally prefers to take charge of asset allocation himself.

  • Philipp Dirkx – The art of multi-asset investing

    Philipp Dirkx, portfolio manager at the private banking unit of BHF BANK, talks to Expert Investor Europe about his attitude to multi-asset investing, a true hit with investors in Germany, and reveals which ingredients make the ideal multi-asset portfolio to him.

  • Inflation-linked bond flows: up and down with the oil price

    As the eurozone has been flirting with deflation this year, appetite for inflation-linked bonds has been understandably lacklustre. However, as the oil price started a surprise ascent in April, interest in the asset class rose accordingly. With the oil price now below $50 again, investors are once again abandoning the asset class.