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Part 1 of 2 – Spanish investors are weathering more risk, says Alexandre Garrabou von Trotha

Alexandre Garrabou von Trotha heads up the fund-of-fund business of Banc Sabadell in Barcelona. In a video interview with EIE’s Tjibbe Hoekstra, he explains how he has dealt with the huge inflows into his fund-of-funds range. He also tells about the changing risk appetite of Spanish investors.


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Garrabou von Trotha’s clients have also opted for more risk, realising their fixed income-heavy portfolios were not ideally suited to weather the low-yield environment.

“Our most popular fund-of-fund strategy has been changing from the one with an allocation of 10% to equities to one with 25%. That’s a huge step in the change of mentality of the Spanish investor,” he says. Traditionally, Spanish investors invest almost their entire portfolio in fixed income, and they are not used to taking on equity market risk.

And his clients are taking their higher exposure to risk remarkably well, says Garrabou von Trotha. “Our sales people have done a very good job in making clients aware of the higher risk. In August and September, we have not seen significant outflows.”

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