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Mobius to retire from Franklin Templeton after 30 years

Emerging markets pioneer Mark Mobius will be stepping down as executive chairman of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group (TEMG) and formally retire from Franklin Templeton on 31 January.

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Kristen McGachey

He will also be relinquishing his post as portfolio manager on the UK-based Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust now led by Carlos Hardenberg. The fund will continue to be overseen by Hardenberg with assistance from deputy portfolio manager Chetan Sehgal come Mobius’ departure.

Initially hired by the late Sir John Templeton in 1987 to launch one of the first mutual funds dedicated to emerging markets, Mobius has run the firm’s TEMG team for more than 30 years and has been instrumental in its development.

The Templeton Emerging Markets Group now spans 50 investment professionals across 20 offices and oversees over $28bn in assets under management as of 30 September 2017.

Mobius said on his retirement: “I feel very fortunate to have spent most of my career at Franklin Templeton Investments. I have had the great privilege of working with an emerging markets team that includes some of the most talented and passionate people in the business, a number of whom have been with me for decades. I leave with great confidence in the Templeton Emerging Markets team and leadership at Franklin Templeton.


The firm has been evolving its EM investment team structure with a focus on succession planning for the past several years.

In early 2016, Stephen Dover was named chief investment officer of TEMG, at which point he assumed Mobius’ day-to-day management of the team and other senior members took over the daily management of the group’s funds.

Last March, Mobius stepped down from the majority of his fund management duties.

Mr Emerging Markets

Since transitioning away from his managerial duties, Mobius has continued to share his insights and expertise with the TEMG professionals and the market more widely and has served as an external spokesperson for the group.

“There is no single individual who is more synonymous with emerging markets investing than Mark Mobius,” said Franklin Templeton chairman and CEO Greg Johnson.

“Mark has been an investor through historically transformational times in emerging markets and later frontier markets. Over the last three decades, Mark has built a team of talented research analysts and portfolio managers around the world, and has generously shared his experiences with an audience that spans the globe. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavours, as we do not expect retirement will slow him down very much.”

Mobius’ successor, Dover, added: “We do not expect Mark’s retirement to cause any disruption to our clients, and Templeton Emerging Market Group’s time-tested philosophy and disciplined approach will remain the same.”

Franklin Templeton could not confirm Mobius’ plans after he formally retires from the firm but said: “We expect Mark will continue to travel the world, as well as follow the emerging markets and be an active investor personally.”