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geneva has highest density of super rich

You are more likely to bump into an ultra-wealthy individual in Geneva than in any other major ultra-high net worth population centre in France, Germany, Italy or Switzerland, a study has found


According to the “France, Italy, Germany & Switzerland Ultra Wealthy Report 2013”, published this week by global consultancy Wealth-X, Geneva is home to some 1,360 ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs), giving it a density of 71 UHNWIs per 10,000 citizens.

In comparison, Berlin’s considerably larger population and smaller ultra-wealthy segment of just 990 people, gives the German capital a density of just three UHNWIs per 10,000 inhabitants.

However, the Swiss city’s UHNW population is dwarfed by Paris in absolute terms (see table).

Wealth-X estimates that the French capital is home to 2,860 ultra-wealthy individuals – defined as those “with a net worth of at least $30m [€23m] after accounting for shares in public and private companies, residential and investment properties, art collections, aircraft, cash and other assets”.

In country terms, Germany continues to dominate the ultra-wealthy scene, with 58% of the UHNW population across the four countries surveyed. Its UHNW segment – which grew by almost 1,000 people during the past year – accounts for total assets of some $2.3trn.

A copy of the France, Italy, Germany & Switzerland Ultra Wealthy Report 2013 can be downloaded from the Wealth-X website, here.

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