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The future is whatever you want it to be…

For 10 years until yesterday, we were Last Word Media. Today we are Last Word and will strive to be the last word and first source for you for the next decade and beyond.


Today is the first day of Last Word’s second decade in business – and what a party we had last night to celebrate!

To be honest, it has been quite a party over the past 10 years as our industry has had plenty to celebrate and leaves us far better positioned now than we were a decade ago. Our more qualified and – quite frankly – better advisers now just need better quality propositions from providers of all hues and we will have even more reasons to be cheerful in 2025.

During our first decade we have also suffered the hangover of compliance, compliance and more compliance on the back of vast quantities of regulation and legislation – most of it unwanted, all of it adding to and not reducing costs, but a lot of it ensuring our industry and our end clients are in a far better shape now than they were in 2005.

So what about the next 10 years? I asked what you thought we would be talking about in the coming decade and the over-riding top-five themes you are predicting are:

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