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Former Carmignac partner launches new investment consultancy

Nick White’s new firm aims to support boutique groups, writes Tom Aylott


PA Europe

Former Carmignac partner Nick White has announced the launch of his new specialist investment sales and marketing consultancy, Seafield Capital Partners.

It aims to help boutique groups grow their assets and develop their brands. The firm has already established partnerships with three clients – Blue Diagonal Emerging Market Debt, Crossborder Kintore Systematic Gold Strategy and the Halo Asian Consumer fund.

White said he hopes his new company will offer an alternative to large-scale in-house operations commonly seen across the industry.

“We believe in leveraging technology and a clearly defined, well-executed strategic approach rather than relying on large sales teams to meet our investors’ goals.”

Before setting up Seafield Capital Partners, White spent six and-a-half years heading up business development at Carmignac, almost five years of which he was a partner.

He then spent four years as head of UK & European distribution at Nedgroup before leaving to build his new venture at the start of last year.

Seafield Capital Partners plans to expand its team and services over the coming months as it onboards more clients looking to outsource their asset expansion and brand development.