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First Spanish asset manager receives SRI Label

Which was created by the French Ministry of Finance


Kirsten Hastings

Following what is describes as “an exhaustive audit process”, Mapfre Asset Management has been authorised to use the SRI Label.

Known in its native France as the Label ISR, it was created by the French Ministry of Finance.

The internationally recognised label can assist investors when choosing responsible and sustainable investments; and aims to make socially responsible investment (SRI) products more visible to savers in France and Europe.

Double scoop

Mapfre AM is the first Spanish asset manager to achieve this distinction for some of its mutual finds.

The Mapfre AM Capital Responsable and Mapfre AM Inclusion Responsable are now authorised to use the label.

The former, which is also available in pension plan format, is a mixed fund that seeks to preserve capital and long-term growth through a balanced portfolio of European equities and bonds.

It focuses on favouring companies that follow ESG criteria, working on the assumption that they offer a more appropriate risk-return profile.

The latter is a certified social impact investment product that uses an innovative methodology jointly developed by Mapfre and La Financière Responsable (LFR) to identify investment opportunities in companies committed to promoting the inclusion of people with a disability in their workforces.

Mapfre acquired a 25% stake in French boutique manager LFR at the end of 2017.

Shown resilience

Álvaro Anguita, chief executive of Mapfre AM, commented: “We are very proud to have received this recognition because it underpins our commitment to socially responsible investment, and we hope that it facilitates our products in being recognised by more investors, particularly because they have shown significant resilience in these uncertain times.”