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Brendan Murray’s guide to navigating uncertain macro weather

In this video interview, Putnam Investments’ Brendan Murray explains how growth and inflation impact the performance of different investment strategies.


Dylan Emery

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Precious metals are thought of as inflation hedge. In periods of above average growth and inflation that holds true, but once growth gets below average, performance gets down to virtually zero, even if inflation remains above average.

Multi-strategy and global macro combined do remarkably well in every economic scenario over the past 20 years. Above average inflation combined with below average growth is the only exception: multi-strategy underperforms in such a scenario.

Today’s main challenge is diversifying away from equity risk, according to Murray. However, adding credit to your portfolio doesn’t give you the negative correlation to equity risk you are looking for. Instead, investors should look for risk factors beyond just corporate credit or interest rate risk, he says. “Try to look at mortgage credit risk, prepayment risk and liquidity risk to build portfolios that are better diversified.”

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