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Aegon Asset Management drops sub brands

Regional investment teams united on global investment platforms and under one operating structure


Elena Johansson

Aegon Asset Management has finalised a brand refresh which the firm believes will position it as a global active asset manager and see it drop the Kames Capital and TKP Investments brands.

“As a single global brand Aegon AM can build awareness of its capabilities and focus on fulfilling its potential as a global investment business,” the firm commented.

The Dutch asset manager introduced a strapline, investing ‘Beyond Borders’, intended to convey its global reach and ability, as an active global investor, to think and act across traditional borders.

It also launched a global website that aggregates all of its services on one domain.

In February, Aegon AM started to reorganise its regional businesses under one operating structure and created four global investment platforms: fixed income, real assets, equities and multi-asset & solutions.

Combining global and local expertise

“By combining its regional investment teams into these global platforms, it allows Aegon AM to bring the breadth and depth of its global investment research and expertise to its clients across the world, while maintaining local customer focus and servicing,” the firm said.

Due to the retirement of the Kames Capital and TKP Investments brands on 7 September, the name of its investment range changed and the pre-fix Kames was replaced with Aegon.

Bas NieuweWeme, global chief executive at Aegon AM, said: “Our new brand proposition, investing ‘Beyond Borders’, reflects the global business we are today; advancing beyond borders, expanding our knowledge and leveraging our strategies for our client base.”

He added that the firm also aims to “increase the number of environmental, social and governance (ESG), sustainable and impact strategies to help meet the increasing demand of our clients.”

Aegon AM currently manages €345bn of assets worldwide in 17 locations across Asia, continental Europe, North America and the UK.